Dealing with Piles

Dealing with piles

Laser Surgeon For Piles in Bangalore | Dr. Manas Tripathy

Hemorrhoids or piles can have a serious affect on your day-to-day life. Necessary and routine activities like visiting the toilet, sitting or travelling to work can become onerous because of the pain and discomfort, not to mention the embarrassment of the anal-itch. If you are going through or have been through this medical condition, you may fully relate to what you’re reading. However, what is noteworthy is that gastroenterologists call piles a relatively common medical condition.

A survey reveals that “Every year, almost 10 million people in India suffer from the pile’s pain, a disease that is spreading exponentially due to stress, insomnia, constipation, and a growing inclination for fast food in the sedentary lifestyle.”

So what are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids or piles are a gastrointestinal condition, which causes inflammation of the veins of the rectum. Hemorrhoids can of different sizes and may cause bleeding from the anal region, which can also become itchy. The risk of getting piles increases as people get older. Unhealthy lifestyles and improper nutrition are so contributing factors.

Piles Problem | Laser Surgeon for Piles in Bangalore
Piles Problem | Laser Surgeon for Piles in Bangalore

Hemorrhoids can be irksome, inconvenient, obstructive and downright painful. Piles can be internal or external. Internal piles are located between 2 and 4 centimeters above the anal opening while external piles occur on the outside edge as lumps.

The following lifestyle habits may result in piles:

1. Sitting for long periods

Sitting for long periods of time puts more pressure on the blood vessels around the anus. Excess weight can exacerbate the condition. On the other hand, a more active lifestyle, which involves regular movement or an exercise regimen, is not only good for overall health but can also ensure that you do not have to worry about piles.

2. Lifting heavy weights

Piles can effectively put a stop to your body-building routine as the weights can also exert extra pressure on the affected veins. However, if you have piles then exercises that do not involve weight-lifting can actually be a good thing. Even if you don’t go to a gym, moderate exercises will go a long way in easing the symptoms.

3. Diarrhea or constipation

Many people avoid using the toilet at work or in public places. This leads to constipation, which is the main cause of piles. On the other extreme, diarrhea can aggravate anal veins and also cause hemorrhoids. People having difficulties with bowel movements or who have loose motions should first evaluate their diet and take corrective measures. If the condition persists, he or she should consult a doctor immediately.

Constipation or diarrhea | Laser Surgeon for Piles in Bangalore
Constipation or diarrhea

4. Improper hygiene

Piles can also be caused by extreme heat and humidity. Taking a shower every day not only improves hygiene but keeps the body cooler. It is also important to keep the anal region clean and dry; residual moisture can cause irritation and itching. It is better to use soft wipes in the toilet. A good hygienic practice is to wash the anal area thoroughly and gently wipe it dry. Menstruating women can wear sanitary pads specifically made for sensitive skin. It can avoid rashes, which can lead to inflammation.

5. Stress and anxiety

Professional lives can be demanding and pretty stressful. Stress and anxiety affect our physiologies in insidious ways. If you do get stressed during the day or have prolonged anxiety, find an activity that calms you down or entertains you.

6. Passing motion can be a nightmare

Sitting on the toilet for long periods can only aggravate the symptoms. Straining on the toilet can further irritate the inflamed vein and cause bleeding. The morning newspapers or social media apps may divert your attention but cannot stop the physiological damage.

7. Cannot use scented wipes

Most wet wipes are perfumed and contain skin irritants like alcohol and other chemicals. Rather than alleviating the symptoms they may end up worsening them. Spritzing the anal region free from all fecal matter is good option.

8. It is itchy

The anal itch is a constant irritant with piles. It’s damn if you scratch and damn if you don’t. It can become very tempting to scratch but doing so can cause further damage. Your doctor may prescribe an ointment or gel to be free of the itch.

Caffeine | Laser Surgeon for Piles in Bangalore

9. Coffee lovers beware

Alcohol and excessive coffee cause dehydration and irritate the lining of the stomach. Caffeine is also one of the leading causes of constipation. Cutting down on caffeine can ease existing piles of symptoms or can be a preventive measure.

10. Overuse of laxatives

Doctors sometimes prescribe laxatives and stool softeners to aid in passing motion and ease the discomfort. However, medicines or syrups should not be taken for more than a week. Many patients don’t know this and start becoming reliant on the laxatives. Herbal remedies like Isapgol can provide immediate relief.

11. Cannot sit on hard surfaces

Not only is it inadvisable for piles patients to sit for long periods, but hard surfaces are also a definite no-no since they put more pressure on the anal region. If the office chair is not comfortable, either change it or add a cushion.


Laser Surgeon for Piles in Bangalore
Laser Surgeon for Piles in Bangalore

Conventional treatments can take a long time to be effective. In many cases, dietary lifestyle changes may alleviate the symptoms of piles but not cure the condition. Hence nowadays, the option of laser treatment is becoming more and more popular, not the least since it is a quick and effective solution. Here’s what you need to know about laser surgery for piles:

  • Short procedure of 30 or 40 minutes
  • Painless
  • Minimally invasive
  • Day procedure
  • Quick recovery
  • High success rate
  • Negligible complications

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