Advantages of Piles Laser Surgery

Advantages of Piles Laser Surgery in Bangalore

Piles Laser Surgery in Bangalore | Dr. Manas Tripathy

One of the path-breaking innovations in the treatment for piles or hemorrhoids is laser surgery. No wonder, it has caught the attention of doctors and patients alike. Laser surgery for piles is not only non-invasive and painless; it is more effective than all the traditional treatment options for piles. The procedure itself is simple enough: A beam of the laser is used to either sever or vaporize the hemorrhoids. Now let’s take a look at why laser surgery is considered the gold standard in piles treatment.

Advantage 1: It is painless

Piles can be quite discomfiting and painful, which is what makes it such an abhorrent disease. When the patient is already in pain, it can be outright daunting to undergo conventional surgery, which can be more painful.

Here’s where laser treatment scores. The procedure is non-invasive and almost totally painless. The laser beam is completely harmless. Patients often go through laser surgery without feeling anything.

Advantage 2: No incisions

Since laser surgery is a non-invasive technique, the surgeon does not have to make any cuts on the skin and manually remove the hemorrhoids. Hence, there is also no bleeding. Instead, the surgeon only directs the laser beam on the hemorrhoids and cuts out the bigger tissue and vaporizes the smaller ones. Poof! The offending piles are gone.

If you’re still not convinced about the ease and effectiveness of laser surgery for piles the next advantage may just turn you around.

Advantage 3: No hospitalization

Again, a laser is a non-invasive, simple procedure, which does not involve cuts and bleeding. So there is no reason to stay in the hospital to recuperate. Patients straightaway go home or wherever want to after the laser treatment.

However, it may take a week till you are able to resume all your normal activities. The doctor may also advise you against lifting heavy items for a few days.

Advantage 4: Negligible tissue damage

Since laser surgery does not involve making incisions on the skin or organs, the amount of tissue that is affected is minimal. There is also no pain or other physiological strain on the body. The recovery is also breezy with mild or no complications.

Compare this with the tissue damage and physical trauma associated with conventional piles surgery, some of which carry the risk of damaging the sphincter muscle-it makes you unable to control bowel movements. This alone might make the option of laser surgery more attractive.

Advantage 5: Good riddance, piles.

Laser surgery for piles makes the overwhelming majority of patients hemorrhoids-free for life. Recurrence of piles has been recorded for less than one percent of patients who were treated with laser surgery.

Compare this with the volume of recurrent piles cases with conventional surgery. The simplicity of the procedure also does not make the prospect of a second surgery daunting.

Piles Laser Surgery in Bangalore

Piles Laser Surgery in Bangalore with Dr. Manas Tripathy

To know about other benefits of laser surgery for piles and for additional information on the subject, please connect with Dr. Manas Tripathy. Dr. Manas Tripathy runs one of the most advanced facilities for laser surgery in the region. His team can give you the best laser treatment in Bangalore. You can call our experts, make an online appointment or walk into any of our branches.

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