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Hernia Surgery in HSR Layout, Koramangala,

Hernia occurs when the internal organs of the abdominal cavity bulge around the muscular wall that usually keeps them in place. Some of the main causes of hernia include consuming tobacco or smoking, poor nutrition, chronic constipation, etc. A hernia can occur in the abdomen, upper thigh area, belly button, or groins.

hernia pain
Hernia Surgery

Henia – Symptoms

Symptoms of Hernia can include:

  • bulge in the affected area or a lump
  • Pain in the chest
  • feeling pressure in the abdomen
  • Feeling difficulty in swallowing

Types of Hernia 

A hernia is broadly classified into two categories:

Ventral Hernia:

This usually occurs along the vertical center of the abdominal wall. A ventral hernia can further be subcategorized into three types

Hiatus – Occurs near the diaphragm that separates the abdomen from the chest

Umbilical – Develop in the area of the belly button

Incisional – Occurs around the site of a previous surgery

Inguinal Hernia:

This occurs around the groins and top of the legs. An Inguinal hernia can be of two types

Unilateral – Occurs on one side of the groin

Bilateral – Develops on both sides of the genital parts

Hernia Treatment in bangalore

The objective of the hernia repair surgery is to relieve the pain, strengthen the weak muscle area, or return the abdominal organs back to its place.

Surgery  can be performed in two ways:

Traditional “Open” Surgery – It is usually carried out under local or general anesthesia. In this type of surgery a large incision is made and the surgeon pushes back the organ in the abdomen. It is used to close the hernia using mesh, sutures, or both. After the surgery the wound is closed with staples or surgical glue.

Laparoscopic Procedure – This is highly recommended surgical procedure by surgeons. In this process a small incision is made and aa thin, telescope-like instrument is inserted  .The surgery is done under general anesthesia

Post Hernia Surgery Care

  • Eat natural foods and add lots of High-fiber
  • Increase your intake of waters
  • Avoid spicy or junk food
  • Spicy and junk food

We Cure Hernia Permanently!

  • Laparoscopic Procedure
  • 3D Dual Sided Mesh &Tackers
  • No Risk of Recurrence
  • No Pain | No Stitches | No Scars

Our  Advanced Care

  • It is a Minimally Invasive Procedure
  • It requires a 24 hr Hospitalization 
  • Estimated Recovery in 3-4 Days
  • Experience of 100+ Surgeries  

Different Hernia Treatment Options