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What patients say about Dr. Manas Ranjan Tripathy

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Deciding to have my father’s hernia/hydrocoele surgery by Dr. Manas was not a hard thing to do, because of his reputation at the Apollo. My father’s surgery went very successful. Dr. Manas was very friendly and supportive. He is always there for his patients and he relates to their problem. His prime agenda is the welfare of the patients and ease for their attendants. He is always available for the patients over the phone or messages. He is a very knowledgeable, humble person and treated my father with care and professionalism.He was available at every step of the way, right from the diagnosis to the eventual surgery and the follow-up, patiently elaborating the procedures all the while. His polite demeanor and willingness to help, coupled with helpful staff, played a big role in easing out the concerns that I or my family might’ve had. Thoroughly satisfied with the whole treatment process.
I totally recommend him to everyone. Dr. Manas is the right choice for anyone who is in need of a general surgeon.



I was suffering from Umbilical Hernia and consulted Dr. Manas Ranjan in Apollo Spectra in Koramangala. He explained the issue very clearly and gave the reasons why this was developed, after that I went through the Laparoscopic Hernia Repair. Recovered in a short period and feeling well now. He is a very friendly doctor and always reachable over the phone any time to discuss the health issues and suggestions.

I would always recommend Dr. Manas Ranjan if anyone has the medical condition like me



My dad was diagnosed with left ingunial hernia around 6 years back and it had started to cause him some discomfort.. Dr Manas performed a laparoscopic surgery for him. The surgery was smooth and hassle free, Dr Manas not only explained the process of the surgery in detail but was also very supportive and encouraging through the whole process. He was reachable all the time on phone and WhatsApp and was also very patient with us and our queries.We would definitely recommend Dr Manas to others.



Dr. Manas Ranjan is an experienced and supportive professional, giving you the best mediacal guidance. He is amazing in consultation, who takes his time and answers all your concerns and procedures too. Will definitely suggest if in case someone need help



Dr. Manas is very friendly and professional. He explains the root cause of the problem and provide the better treatment. I under went through a surgery. He explained to me the surgical procedure very well. His support during surgery to post surgery was excellent. I highly appreciate his professional service



Manas doctor is really friendly in nature, he had explained the issue calmly and made us understand very easily. We will recommend him for our friends and family. Thanks.


Murali subramanian