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Gallstones Misunderstood – Help and Support

Gallstone Treatment in Bangalore | Dr. Manas Tripathy

Gallstone Treatment in Bangalore | Dr. Manas Tripathy

Origin of Gallstones

The formation of gallstones is secondary to a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, constipation, and consumption of a high-fat diet. The population of India from the cow belt is highly prone to the incidence of gallstones. Multiple pregnancies also lead to gallstones.

Issues that arise from Gallstones

Gallstones may or may not have any symptoms. However, it can cause intense pain in the upper abdomen or right half of the abdomen, which arises after food intake at night or in the early morning. Pain scatters to the back from the right shoulder that is moderate to severe that ceases within half an hour to six hours. If the pain lasts for more than 24 hours, then there might be a chance of gallbladder infection, pancreatitis, bile duct liver infection/gangrene, or perforation. 

Gallstone Treatment in Bangalore | Dr. Manas Tripathy

General Gallstones treatment and stone size that needs treatment

Gallstone Treatment in Bangalore | Dr. Manas Tripathy. The treatment for gallstones is not decided by the size and number of stones as in the case of kidney stones. The stones’ presence and symptoms decide on the treatment. If the patient experiences symptoms, every stone needs removal irrespective of the size. Furthermore, if a patient has no symptoms and gallstones go undetected during a general check-up, the patient can follow up even with the presence of multiple gallstones.   

Stones removal ruling out gallbladder

In the case of kidney stones, the kidneys are healthy. But, in the case of gallstones, the gallbladder is infected. There have been previous attempts during the 20th century to remove/dissolve gallstones keeping the gallbladder untouched. The problem recurred within three to six months in such cases. It was clear that the gallbladder was the offender more than the gallstones. The typical treatment for gallstones is cholecystectomy or the complete removal of the gallbladder with stones. 

Health / Digestive problems caused by gallbladder extraction

The gallbladder does not produce any digestive juices, instead, it stores bile between meals. Post the cholecystectomy, the canal system of the liver and the common bile duct enlarge in size to lodge and store bile. Hence, digestive problems do not occur, and there will be no need to change food habits after the gallstone removal surgery. Gallbladder surgery is said to be the most common surgery done worldwide, and there are ample scientific data to support this documentation. 

Untreated Gallstones | Gallstone Treatment in Bangalore | Dr. Manas Tripathy
Untreated Gallstones | Gallstone Treatment in Bangalore | Dr. Manas Tripathy

Untreated gallstones and alternate treatment

There is no scientific data available to prove any cure for gallstones through allopathic or non-allopathic medicines. If a patient is asymptomatic, there is no need for surgery and may carry on with regular follow-ups. But if there are symptoms, there are chances of 4%-8% risk per year including problems like acute cholecystitis, jaundice, cholangitis, gangrene, and pancreatitis. Patients with gallstones are further at risk over the next ten years for some life-threatening complications. 

People down casted by gallstone surgery

The presence of gallstones can cause extreme abdominal pain along with a few complications as stated above. Some signs like bloating, abdominal tightness, heartburn, indigestion, and increased frequency of stools are the most common in populations that are not related to gallstones. As the symptoms coincide with the symptoms of gallstones, people get dejected as these symptoms may not be comforted by a cholecystectomy. 

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