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What is Gallbladder Gallbladder Laparoscopic Treatment in Bangalore

Welcome to the Podcast Series “Proctology and Laparoscopic Surgery”. This is Dr. Manas Tripathy, Laparoscopic Surgeon in HSR Layout, Bangalore with you.

In today’s podcast episode, I would like to discuss Gallstones”.

Gallstones are small stones that develop in the gall bladder. The condition is quite common and is also genetic in many cases. The chances of developing gallbladders increase with age. People who eat a fat-rich diet are particularly susceptible to it. The ailment can cause severe symptoms; the most common is returning attacks of shooting abdominal pain.

So, today’s podcast is very important. Listen to it carefully to know more about Gallstones”.

Gallbladder Laparoscopic Treatment in Bangalore is now available. For consultation book an appointment today.

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