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Non-Surgical Treatment for Gallstones

Non-Surgical Treatment for Gallstones, Laparoscopic Surgeon in Koramangala - Dr. Manas Tripathy

Welcome to the Podcast Series “Proctology and Laparoscopic Surgery”. This is Dr. Manas Tripathy, the Laparoscopic Surgeon in Koramangala, Bangalore with you.

In today’s podcast episode, I would like to discuss “Non-Surgical Treatment for Gallstones”
Gallstones are one of the most common gastrointestinal conditions caused by too must production of cholesterol and bilirubin. People try using home remedies provided by their loved ones.

Don’t self-medicate. Self-medication may lead to more serious problems. Consult your Laparoscopic Surgeon for Gallstones treatment.

So, today’s podcast is very important. Listen to it carefully to know more about “Gallstones”.

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