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Piles Problem – Men Versus Women

Piles Problem - Dr. Manas Tripathy

Piles treatment for men and women in Koramangala | Dr. Manas Tripathy

Hemorrhoids, commonly known as Piles occur when the vein swells in the anus and around the anal opening. Most of the population today is suffering from piles issue due to long hours of sitting and unhealthy eating habits. The disease has been prevalent for years, but the figures have increased over a few years in both men, women, and even children.

The Main Causes of Piles In Men

Piles in men may be due to various reasons. Many men complain of piles if they lift heavyweights in the gym. The veins in and around the anal and pelvic area swell due to constant stress. Men who spend a lot of time on the toilet seat also complain of piles.

The Main Causes of Piles In Women

Numerous cases of piles in women are noticed during and after pregnancy or after childbirth. In a pregnant woman, the wide protruded belly carrying the child for weeks puts a lot of pressure on the lower back and pelvic area. During childbirth, there is a lot of pressure to push the baby out, and this pressure causes the blood vessels around the anal and pelvic area to result in an anal disease called Piles. 

Piles Types | Piles treatment for men and women in Koramangala | Dr. Manas Tripathy

Piles and Its Types

There are two types of this disease.

1. External Piles 

This type can be easily identified and found under the thin skin around the anus and anal opening. They also bulge out in the form of small and hard protruding clusters that are swollen, painful, and itchy, which can cause bleeding as well.

2. Internal Piles

These are usually around the lower part of the large intestines and are not very painful. The swelling may also bleed that is let out of the anus with stool. They may cause extreme pain while and after stool. The discomfort caused by piles must be corrected at the earliest. Prolonged sitting must be avoided in such situations and should keep yourself hydrated and physically active, and lots of fiber must be included in the diet

Symptoms of Piles in Males and Females

Piles are quite evident, but many people are not aware of the symptoms and miss to identify the trouble bothering them. If piles go undiscovered for a long time, it may lead to serious problems including cancer. There are a few symptoms that you can watch out for.

  • Irritation and pain in the anus and towards the anal opening.
  • Blood is found in stools with unbearable pain during bowel movements.
  • Itchy skin, and swelling due to swollen lymph around the anus.
Piles treatment for men and women in Koramangala | Dr. Manas Tripathy

Piles Treatment by Dr.Manas Ranjan Tripathy

Piles Treatment for Men and Women in Koramangala. Our proctologist says, treatment for piles is common for both women and men. Earlier, the treatment involved a painful open surgery, but now, pain-free laser surgery can be done for piles. Laser treatment is the most advanced and effective for piles correction. The patient can resume a normal diet and regular schedule a few hours post-surgery.

Must Read – Piles Treatment Post Pregnancy

Piles occurred during pregnancy may sometimes wane off on their own as the hormones get balanced with improved blood volume and reduced pressure. Many undergo advanced laser treatment for quick recovery from piles.

Dr.Manas Ranjan Tripathy – the Best Proctologist in Bangalore treats both men and women with minimally invasive means with no wounds and cuts. It is performed under general anesthesia that takes around 3-40 minutes. There are far fewer chances of bleeding than in the traditional process. The post-surgery complications were also minor. Hence, you may consult the best proctologist in Bangalore for advanced treatment for piles in both men and women.

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